Activities of the Photographic Society of Japan 2008
Established with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1952, the Photographic Society of Japan is an organization whose objective is to °»contribute to the promotion of international friendship through photography and the advancement of culture°….
With a membership comprising both full society members and supporting members (groups), the Photographic Society of Japan functions as Japan°«s only comprehensive cultural organization encompassing all aspects of Japan°«s photographic world.
As of the end of 2008, full members number 1,651 and include professional and amateur photographers as well as individuals involved in photography-related fields of science, technology, education, and journalism. Supporting membership comprises 58 corporations and organizations, including various associations representative of today°«s photographic industry, manufacturers, trading firms, photography laboratories, studios, educational institutions, and the mass media.
The basic objectives of the Photographic Society of Japan are as follows .
°Ł To undertake exchange with overseas photographic organizations with the aim of contributing to the promotion of international friendship through photography and the advancement of culture.
°Ł To undertake activities on a national scale with the aim of encouraging the development and advancement of photographic culture.
°Ł To undertake a variety of activities in which a broad section of the general public can participate with the aim of popularizing and promoting photographic culture.
Everyday administration of the Society is performed by seven subcommittees operating under Executive Committee. The establishment of a general Committee to oversee and coordinate the activities of these various subcommittees has enabled each subcommittee to perform its functions with responsibility, and through this system we are endeavoring to concretely and more effectively pursue the Society°«s broad-ranging activities in accordance with the Society°«s philosophy.
Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meeting Fiscal 2008
Date: May 21 (Wednesday), 2008
Venue: Rooms 601/602 Conference Room, JCII Building
Attendees: 1,095 (Actual attendees: 54; Letters of proxy: 1,041)
(1)2007 Photographic Society of Japan Activities Report and Financial Statement
(2)2008 Photographic Society of Japan Activities Plan and Budget
Board of Directors Meeting
3rd Board of Directors Meeting Fiscal 2007
Date: March 17 (Monday), 2008
Venue: Rooms 601/602 Conference Room, JCII Building
Attendees: 53 (Actual attendees: 29; Letters of proxy: 24)
(1)2008 Photographic Society of Japan Activities Plan and Budget
(2)Admission to and Withdrawal from the Society of Supporting Members
1st Board of Directors Meeting Fiscal 2008
Date: May 21 (Wednesday), 2008
Venue: Rooms 601/602 Conference Room, JCII Building
Attendees: 50 (Actual attendees: 31; Letters of proxy: 19)
(1)2007 Photographic Society of Japan Activities Report and Financial Statement
(2)Admission to and Withdrawal from the Society of Full and Supporting Members
1. 2008 Photographic Society of Japan Awards Ceremony and Exhibition of Prize-Winning Works
Photographic Society of Japan Awards recognize outstanding achievements of individuals and groups, both in Japan and overseas, in activities related to photographic culture in Japan; recipients of each award are selected from amongst candidates who published exceptional photographic works or essays.
The selection process begins with Society-appointed nominators (knowledgeable persons) and Society members recommending potential candidates to the Screening Committee, which then chooses recipients for each of the awards from amongst these nominees. The 2008 Screening Committee comprised the following seven members:
(In alphabetical order; titles omitted. Status/position current as at February 2008)
Shigeru Chatani (Photographer)
Hideo Haga (Photographer)
Kikuji Kawada (Photographer)
Iizawa Kotaro (Photographic Critic)
Akihisa Okuda (Editor-in-Chief, Asahi Camera)
Yoshihiro Tatsuki (Photographer)
Osamu Ueno (Photographic Critic)
1.Award Recipients and Reasons for their Selection
(Titles omitted).
International Prize: Martin Parr, for his contribution to the broad introduction of Japanese photographic culture overseas through his collection over more than 20 years of Japanese photography and his systematic compilations of modern Japanese photography °»The Photobook: A History°… Volumes I and II
Distinguished Contributions Award: Kenichi Honda, for his outstanding achievements in the field of photochemistry and his tremendous contribution to photography education in Japan in various areas beginning with The University of Tokyo and Tokyo Polytechnic University.
Cultural Advancement Award: Sokyusha, for their consistent contribution to Japanese photographic culture through their continued publication of some 50 volumes of photographic collections and proactive discovery and presentation the public of the work of many photographers
Annual Award: Risaku Suzuki, for his novel and stunning photographic expression in his personnel exhibition °»Kumano, Snow, Cherry Blossoms°…, held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, that transports viewers into a previously unknown visual experience.
Annual Award: Ryuichiro Suzuki, for his genius and effort in creating his grand and outstanding black-and-white photographic collection °»Odyssey°… from his epic personal photographic walking tour, which began in the summer of his 19th year and continued until recently.
Annual Award: Masato Seto, for his photographic expression that captures the idiosyncratic and intriguing world of Taiwan°«s Binran sales girls, ingeniously portraying modern cityscapes in his photographic exhibition °»Binran°…, which was held at the Ginza Nikon Salon.
Lifetime Achievement Award: Shimpei Asai, for his achievements in publishing numerous ambitious, trend-anticipating works from his debut work °»Beatles Tokyo°… to his recent works, and his various activities in other artistic fields in addition to his continuing photographic activities.
Lifetime Achievement Award: Bishin Jumonji, for his continuity and achievement in producing many works with unflagging ambition as a photographic expressionist in addition to his numerous outstanding achievements as a commercial photographer..
Scholastic Award: Masafumi Fukagawa, for his achievement in seeking answers to the fundamental question °»What are photographs?°… by going back and forth between history and the present day in his book °»A Project of Light°… and showing the future direction towards which photography today should move.
Newcomer°«s Award: Naoki Ishikawa, for his effort and achievement in establishing a fresh new documentary expression with an unprecedented new perspective through the publication of his two photographic works °»NEW DIMENSION°… and °»POLAR°….
Newcomer°«s Award: Takayuki Maekawa, for his continuity and deep insight of and sincere research approach to the global environment and living creatures as demonstrated in his photographic collections °»Bear World°… and °»Wild Boars°…, his photographic exhibition °»Meditations on Gaea°…, and other works°….
Newcomer°«s Award: Toshihiro Yashiro, for his unstintingly daring approach to photographic expression displayed in his series °»Kaitenkai Live!°… of long-exposure photographs of the rotational movements of many people, as well as his future potential.
Special Award: Toshiro Shimoyama, for his contribution in recoding as a participant the post-war international activities of the Japanese photographic industry and informing people about the significance of these activities through his book °»The Japanese Cameras that Dominated the World: A Record of Struggling Samurai°….
The 2008 Photographic Society of Japan Awards Ceremony was held on June 2nd at the in the Phoenix Room of the Sasakawa Hall, Tokyo. With Society Director Koji Itami acting as emcee, Chairman Masayuki Muneyuki gave a congratulatory address, after which slides of the winning works were shown and the reasons they were chosen explained. Chairman Muneyuki then presented each award recipient individually with certificates and commemorative gifts, following which the recipients each said a few words
in response.
Following the Awards Ceremony, the celebrations moved to the Kiku Restaurant within the Sasakawa Hall for the Month of Photography, Tokyo, 2008 Reception. With Society member Yoichiro Yamashita acting as emcee, Photographic Society of Japan Vice Chairman Takeyoshi Tanuma addressed the gathering as representative of the organizers. Four photographers visiting from Singapore -Chris Yap, Chow Chee Yong, Chan Bin Kan, and Deanna Ng - as well as The Month of Photography, Tokyo special program exhibitors Hideo Haga and Kazuemon Hidano and Photographic Society of Japan Award recipients were then introduced, and His Excellency Mr. Tan Chin Tiong, Ambassador of Singapore to Japan, addressed the gathering. The event brought together 202 representatives of all areas of the photographic world, and following the toast by Mr. Hideo Haga, friendships were deepened and blossoms of international exchange nurtured through photography. Following relaxed conversation, the reception concluded with words of thanks from the Chairman of the Month of Photography, Tokyo, 2008 Organizing Committee and Photographic Society of Japan Director Yutaka Ohira.
An exhibition of Photographic Society of Japan Award-winning works of 2008 was held at the Fuji Photo Salon Tokyo from May 30th to June 5th. In addition to the award-winning works, the exhibition included materials showing the achievements of each of the award recipients.
2. The Month of Photography, Tokyo, 2008; the Month of Photography, Osaka, 2008; and the Month of Photography, Nagoya, 2008
The Month of Photography, Tokyo, is an event held to coincide with the Annual Day of Photography on June 1st. With the Month of Photography, Tokyo being held for the 13th time, the Month of Photography, Osaka for the 7th time, and the Month of Photography, Nagoya for the 6th time in 2008, this event plays a significant role in the popularization and promotion of photographic culture.
The Month of Photography, Tokyo, 2008
The Month of Photography, Tokyo, 2008 was organized jointly by the Photographic Society of Japan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, with the generous sponsorship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the Embassy of Singapore, as well as the kind support of 27 other businesses and organizations, as well as the cooperation of the Photo Gallery Liaison Committee and special cooperation of the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Airlines, and Cannon Singapore.
Month of Photography events in 2008 included the domestic photographic exhibition °»Life in postwar Japan between the 1950°«s and 1970°«s°…; the international exhibition °»Photographers Asia 2008: Singapore°…; °»The 1,000 Photographers°« Show: My Best Shot°…; °»The Memorial Contest of Annual Day of Photography, 2008 Awards Exhibition°…; the °»Photographic Society of Japan Awards Exhibition of Prize-Winning Works°…; and the Photographic Society of Japan Awards Ceremony and Month of Photography, 2008 Reception.
The domestic photographic exhibition entitled °»Life in postwar Japan between the 1950°«s and 1970°«s°… included the Hideo Haga exhibition °»Walking Kyushu with Tsuneichi Miyamoto: Showa 37°…, held at the Olympus Gallery; the Tsuneichi Miyamoto exhibition °»Japan through Miyamoto°«s eyes: Showa 37 to 39°…, held at the Ginza Nikon Salon; the Kazuemon Hidano exhibition °»My Diary Was My Camera°…, held at the Cannon S Tower; and the Teisuke Chiba exhibition °»Life in Akita°…, held at the JPC Portrait Gallery. These exhibitions presented works vividly depicting the everyday lives of local people living with their feet planted firmly on the ground in the era when Japan had just overcome its postwar poverty and lives were gradually becoming more comfortable. Viewers were drawn to and deeply moved by important things that Japanese people today are forgetting. In addition, the works displayed in the °»Walking Kyushu with Tsuneichi Miyamoto: Showa 37°… exhibition (Hideo Haga) were also exhibited at the Kobe Motomachi Art Gallery (August 6th to 19th), and those displayed in the °»Japan through Miyamoto°«s eyes: Showa 37 to 39°… (Tsuneichi Miyamoto) were also exhibited at the Higashikawa Town Culture Gallery °»Photo Town°… (June 14th to July 3rd) and Nikon Salon Bis Osaka (August 14th to 27th).
The international exhibition °»Photographers Asia 2008: Singapore°… was part of the °»Photographers Asia°… international exhibition program held annually since 2004 with the purpose of deepening exchange with photographers from Asian countries with which Japan usually has little contact. This year°«s exhibition featured the Republic of Singapore and four of the photographers whose work was displayed °Ĺ Chris Yap, Chow Chee Yong, Chan Bin Kan, and Deanna Ng °Ĺ visited Japan. Works by a total of 15 Singapore photographers were exhibited. The °»Preserved Nature°… exhibition (Chris Yap) was held at the Pentax Forum; °»Faces of Love°… (Leslie Kee) was held at the Konica Minolta Plaza; the group exhibition °»The Other Horizon from Singapore°… was held at the Aidem Photo Gallery Sirius, and the group exhibition °»The Varied Life of People of the Asian City°… was held at the Fujifilm Photo Salon. Many works depicting fashion and fine art were displayed, the bright colors, bold photography methods, and unique display methods enthralled exhibition visitors. Both a talk show featuring Leslie Kee and Leah Dizon (Konica Minolta Plaza) and seminar by Chris Yap (Pentax Forum) that were also held during the exhibition period were extremely well-received, with standing room only for each event. Leslie Kee°«s °»Faces of Love°… exhibition was also shown at the °»Photo Town°… Higashikawa Town Culture Gallery (June 14th to July 3rd).
°»The 1,000 Photographers°« Show: My Best Shot°…, was held at the Shinjuku Park Tower Gallery 3. The number of group exhibits increased, and the venue was packed with many visitors.
°»The Memorial Contest of Annual Day of Photography, 2008 Awards Exhibition°… attracted entries from throughout the country. The winning works were displayed at the Shinjuku Park Tower Gallery 3 and the awards ceremony was held on May 31st. Following the Tokyo exhibition, the works toured the country, being displayed at the Higashikawa Town Culture Gallery °»Photo Town°… (June 14th to July 3rd); Fujifilm Photo Salon Osaka (Honmachi) (July 4th to 10th); Fujifilm Photo Salon Nagoya (July 18th to 24th); the Fukushima City Museum of Photography/Flowers Photo Gallery (September 2nd to 22nd); and the Ikeda Public Museum of Art in Nagano Prefecture (November 1st to December 7th).
The Month of Photography, Osaka 2008
Now in its 7th year, the Month of Photography, Osaka has become firmly established amongst photographic enthusiasts covering a wide age range, from elementary school students to senior citizens, in the Kansai region. Held from May to June, the festival was organized predominantly by the Executive Committee of the Month of Photography, Osaka and co-sponsored by the Photographic Society of Japan with the support of the Osaka Prefectural and Metropolitan governments, cooperation of six photography-related schools, and special cooperation of START Lab Inc.
The °»3.3≠÷ for 150 Photographers°… exhibition was held in five galleries: Osaka Nikon Salon, Canon Gallery Umeda, Gallery Sen Space, Fuji Photo Salon Osaka, and Pilsen Gallery. The exhibiting photographers demonstrated their individuality within the limited space of 3.3≠÷, displaying works with free expression methods to create a vividly animated world.
Held at Gallery Sen Space, °»The 1,000 Photographers°« Show: My Best Shot°…brought together people°«s prized photographs from throughout the Kansai region, with the diversity of photographic expression enthralling visitors.
Held at the Naniwa Photo Gallery, the °»3.3≠÷ for High Schoolers°«Photographic Exhibition°… presented works bursting with the youth and power of student members of high school photography clubs in the Osaka area.
Photographic classes for elementary school children on the theme °»Parents and Children Trying their Hands at Black-and-White Photography Together°… were held at the Visual Arts College with 15 family groups (40 parents and children) participating. Ordinarily familiar with digital cameras, the children enjoyed fresh new experiences, from shooting photographs with black-and-white film for the first time, to film development and printing on photographic paper, and developing photographs in a darkroom.
A symposium entitled °»Digital Photos and Photographic Expression°… was also held jointly with the Society for the Arts and History of Photography of Japan. The keynote lecture, presented by photographer BOCO Tsukamoto, provided the latest information on digital photography, and was followed by a presentation by photographer Masato Seto on his work °»Binran°…, which was created using digital cameras, then a talk by Naoya Yoshikawa about his personal °»Thoughts on Digital Photography°…. After the lectures, the three speakers were joined by the Chairman of the Society for the Arts and History of Photography of Japan, Naohisa Hara, for a panel discussion to which the audience of approximately 250 listened with rapt attention. Also held in conjunction with the symposium were two photographic exhibitions, °»Binran°… (Masato Seto) and °»Digital Photos and Photo-graphic Expression°…, which were both received favorably.
The Month of Photography, Nagoya 2008
During the °»Month of Photography°… in June, the popular °»Gallery Stamp Rally°… was held for the 6th time under the co-sponsorship of the Photographic Society of Japan and the All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies Chubu Headquarters. The event was again a roaring success, with people attending exhibitions at five or more of the nine participating galleries - Nagoya City Art Museum (where the permanent exhibition °»Nagoya Landscape Photographers°… was held), Fuji Photo Salon, Canon Gallery, Nikon Mini-Gallery, Wakita Gallery, NTT Sannomaru Gallery, Horiuchi Photo Salon, Photo Salon San Rue, and Camera-no-Amano Photo Salon Imaike °Ĺ during the stamp rally period being registered for a deluxe prize drawing.
3. Celebration for Recipients of Decorations, Medals, and International and Photographic Awards, and Party for Members of the Photographic Society of Japan
The Photographic Society of Japan hosts a special end-of-year dinner to honor recipients of decorations and medals for services to the photographic world in Japan (presented the previous spring and autumn), as well as of other official arts and culture awards in Japan and overseas, and of Photographic Society of Japan Awards and various other photographic awards.
The 2008 Celebration Dinner for Award Recipients was held on December 12th (Fri.) at the Dai-ichi Hotel in Shimbashi, Tokyo. The event was attended by the following invited prize-winners (titles omitted).
Decoration and Medal Recipients for 2008
Spring Awards

Medal with Purple Ribbon: Satoshi Kuribayashi
International Awards 2008
Austrian Decoration of Honor for Science and Arts: Nobuyoshi Araki
Photographic Award Recipients 2008
°¶ Photographic Society of Japan Awards for 2008 were presented to 12 individuals and 1 organization (awardees are listed in Section [1]).
°¶ Photography Award of the Kodansha Publication Culture Award (sponsored by Kodansha Ltd.): Shinichiro Kobayashi
°¶Mainichi Art Prize (sponsored by Mainichi Shimbun): Eikoh Hosoe
°¶Photography Award of the Kodansha Publication Culture Award (sponsored by Kodansha Ltd.): Naoki Ishikawa
°¶Ihei Kimura Award (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun): Atsushi Okada; Rieko Shiga
°¶Ken Domon Award (sponsored by Mainichi Shimbun): Hiromi Tsuchida
°¶Higashikawa Prizes (sponsored by the town of Higashikawa, Hokkaido)
Overseas Artist Prize: Klaus Mitteldorf (Brazil)
Japanese Artist Prize: Asako Narahashi
Newcomer°«s Prize: Tomoko Sawada
Commendation Prize: Yuji Obata
°¶Tadahiko Hayashi Prize (sponsored by the Shunan City Culture Promotion Foundation): Masaru Kobayashi
°¶Photo City Sagamihara Awards (sponsored by the city of Sagamihara, Kanagawa):
Sagamihara Photo Award: Masataka Nakano
Asia Award: Lans Brahman Tyo (Indonesia)
Newcomer°«s Award: Yoko Asakai; Miyuki Motoki
°¶Shihachi Fujimoto Photographic Culture Prize (sponsored by Iida City): Toshinobu Takeuchi
At the Celebration Dinner for Award Recipients the recipients of decorations, medals, government, and international awards were introduced following congratulatory remarks by Photographic Society of Japan Chairman Masayuki Muneyuki, and each award winner spoke a few words in response. The recipients of photographic awards were then introduced.
Following the celebration for award recipients, the venue shifted to another room at the hotel for the annual end-of-year party for Photographic Society of Japan members. The party began with Society director Shigeru Chatani acting as emcee and greetings from Vice-Chairman Takeyoshi Tanuma, followed by a few words from special guest Mr. Kenjiro Monji, Director-General of the Public Diplomacy Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ms. Mayumi Moriyama, President of the Japan Camera Industry Institute, then gave the toast, after which pleasant conversation was enjoyed among the attendees. Partway through the evening new Full and Supporting members who joined the Society during 2008 were introduced and welcomed with warm applause. Party participants enjoyed the opportunity provided for enriching friendships and exchanging information and a meaningful time was had by all. Vice Chairman Soichi Kubo made the closing remarks, bringing both the party and the year°«s activities to a close.
4. Periodical Publications
The Photographic Society of Japan periodically issues the Japan Photo Almanac and the Journal of the Photographic Society of Japan. Planning, editing, and production are performed by the Society°«s Editorial Committee.
Published to coincide with the Day of Photography on June 1st each year, the Japan Photo Almanac not only reports on events and developments in Japanese photographic culture during the previous year, but also provides information about photography-related groups, organizations and facilities such as art galleries, information on new products, and photographic industry news. The Almanac was first issued in 1958, making the 52nd edition. It is the only resource continuously providing a summary of photographic culture activities in Japan over so many years. As such, it is a resource widely used not only in photography-related industries in Japan, but also by government agencies, media organizations, and educational institutions and is well-received in various circles.The Journal of the Photographic Society of Japan is a quarterly publication issued in February, May, August, and November. Articles in each issue introduce timely news of the Society°«s activities and future plans, as well as a diversity of information relating to photographic culture. During 2008 volumes 432 to 435 were published.
In addition, a photographic catalogue summarizing the events of the Month of Photography, Tokyo is produced every year to coincide with this event. The 2008 catalogue includes introductory greetings from Masahiko Takamura, then-Minister of Foreign Affairs; His Excellency, Mr. Tan Chin Tiong, the Ambassador of Singapore to Japan; Shintaro Ishihara, Governor of Tokyo; Yoshiharu Fukuhara, Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography; and Masayuki Muneyuki, Month of Photography, Tokyo, Organizing Committee Chairman and Photographic Society of Japan Chairman. The 2008 edition also features introductions and commentaries on representative works in the domestic exhibition °»Life in postwar Japan between the 1950°«s and 1970°«s°… and the international exhibition °»Photographers Asia 2008: Singapore°…; a report on °»The Memorial Contest of Annual Day of Photography, 2008 Awards Exhibition°… and introduction of award-winning works; a report on °»The 1,000 Photographers°« Show: My Best Shot°…; and introductions of awardees and their works featured in the °»Photographic Society of Japan Awards Exhibition of Prize-Winning Works°…. In this way, the catalogue provides a comprehensive record of the °»Month of Photography, Tokyo, 2008.°…
5.International Exchange through Photography
Photographic Exchange with Egypt
Coinciding with the holding of the Japan Foundation-sponsored photographic exhibition °»Japanese Photography from the 1970°«s to the Present°… in Egypt, then-Photographic Society of Japan Director Osamu Hiraki presented lectures in Cairo (July 29th) and Alexandria (August 3rd) on the topic °»Panorama for the Japanese Contemporary Photography°… that were attended by many Egyptian people interested in Japan and Japanese photographic culture.
Photographic Exchange with Uzbekistan
Held in the capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, from October 20th to 27th, the °»4th Tashkent International Photo-Biennale Tashkent ALE 2008°… was attended by many photographers from overseas. Among the participants was a young Japanese photographer from Nagoya, Naoyuki Ogino, who presented the photographic exhibition °»A Girl Inherited Maiko (Apprentice Geisha) Life°… and had been invited by the Uzbekistan Academy of Arts.
The photographic exhibition depicted the journey of a young girl to become a Maiko entertainer as she overcomes strict training to achieve her goal. Introducing the soothing culture traditionally passed down in Kyoto°«s entertainment district as well as the lives of Maiko, the exhibition was a good opportunity to introduce traditional Japanese culture and was extremely well received by local viewers.
Photographic Exchange with Brazil
Based on the fundamental principle of °»Enhancing International Friendship through Photography°…, in November of 2008, the °»Brazil-Japan Year of Exchange°…, in Yokohama °Ĺ a city with deep ties with emigration/immigration - the International Exchange Committee cohosted with the Yokohama-based NPO The Darkroom International a Japan-Brazil Photographic Exchange. This event also received sponsorship from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Brazil in Japan, and 9 organizations, support from 6 companies, and cooperation from 5 companies, as well as a grant from the Japan Foundation.
Approximately 100 Works of Miguel Chikaoka, Andre Vieira, Christian Cravo, Lalo de Almeida, Paula Sampaio, Tiago Santana, Bruno Veiga, Lucio Carvalho, Rodrigo Braga, Guy Veloso were displayed in the photographic exhibition °»Modern Photographic Expression of Brazil°… (held November 15th to 26th at ZAIM). Of these photographers, Miguel Chikaoka, Lucio Carvalho, Andre Vieira, and Rodrigo Braga came to Japan all the way from Brazil, making the exhibition°«s opening and even more special event. The strongly individual works of the Brazilian photographers harmonized well with the unique atmosphere of the ZAIM venue, creating an exhibition space unlike those of ordinary art museums or galleries, with the powerfully individual perspectives of each of the photographers exerting a tremendous impact on viewers.
Miguel Chikaoka°«s °»Playing with Light (Brincando com a Luz)°… workshop (held November 16th at ZAIM) comprised three parts: making a camera obscura (dark box); making and photographing with a pinhole camera; and experimenting with printing paper. According to Mr. Chikaoka°«s unique methodology, participants were encouraged to return to the origins of photography °Ĺ °»What is °∆light°«, the basis of photography?°… and to respond to the fundamental challenge to °»sense the harmony between people and nature that coexist in the same era and reexamine yourself within that harmony°… before ever taking a single photograph.
In a discussion entitled °»Photographing Brazil°… (held November 23 at the JICA Yokohama gymnasium, Daido Moriyama conducted a rollicking dialogue about his experiences photographing in Brazil and his photography theory with Takeshi Nakamoto, the writer who coordinated the Brazil shoot, and Eikoh Hosoe, a former teacher of Moriyama°«s and representative of the International Exchange Committee, to which the audience listened with rapt attention.
6.Photographic Education for Children
Photography/imaging classes utilizing the booklet °»Photography is Fun!°… have been held in approximately 80 locations over the past 3 years with some 4,200 participants. Approximately half of these were °»Hands-on Black-and-white Photography Classes°…, which were held in approximately 40 locations with more than 2,000 participants.
In 2008, the third year these classes have been held, °»Hands-on Black-and-white Photography Classes°… were held in 24 locations with approximately 1,420 participants. Made possible through the introduction of a °»Hands-on Hand-made Pinhole Camera Program°… that fulfilled various staging conditions, these °»Hands-on Black-and-white Photography Classes°… were expanded to 18 events with 1,170 participants, of which 9 were workshops for children held at community and children°«s centers, 5 were school classes, and 4 were various other kinds of events.
In this program, participants experience the process of making a pinhole camera, taking photographs with it using cabinet-size printing paper, developing the photographs, and then, with the negatives, making adhesive prints using a flashlight.
These photography/imaging classes have been incorporated into regular school classes. In the case of the Umeda Elementary School in Ota Ward, Tokyo, four classes of 4th graders (139 students altogether) made pinhole cameras in one art class period, and then later took and printed photographs in two science class periods.
Bursting with innocent questions, such as °»How can you take photographs with just a box?°…, °»Why is the picture back-the-front?°…, and °»Why does the photograph appear when you soak the paper in liquid in a dark room?°…, and fascinated by the mystery of photography, the children very much enjoyed their hands-on photography classes. The children°«s works were later displayed at the school°«s culture festival, enabling the children to convey the fun of photography to not only the entire student body and their teachers, but also their parents as well.
These photography/imaging classes have also been incorporated into regular classes at two schools in Tokyo, as well as one each in Kawasaki and Yokohama.
In this day and age, where children think that photos are things you take with digital cameras and mobile telephones, these classes have not only shown children the joy of the process of creating black-and-white photographs °Ĺ the foundation of imaging - through time and effort and enabled them to directly experience many fascinating discoveries, but also allowed the teachers and parents who assisted in the classes to share the children°«s wonder of photography and deepen their own understanding.
7. Agency for Cultural Affairs Scholarships and Overseas Exchange Student Awards
Each year, the Agency for Cultural Affairs provides scholarships for a select group of Japanese trainees wishing to study overseas and overseas trainees wishing to study in Japan. As part of its international activities, the Photographic Society of Japan acts as application and nomination window for candidate trainees in the photography field for Agency for Cultural Affairs scholarships in the Fine Arts category.
One candidate, Mr. Kosuke Okahara, was selected for the 2008 overseas trainee dispatch. Mr. Okahara is currently studying photographic expression °Ĺ especially how to best express individuality in photographs °Ĺ under the renowned curator/editor/critic Mr. Christian Caujolle at the French photo agency °»Agence VU°…. Seeking the instruction and guidance of the photographers and printers at this world-class agency, of which Mr. Christian Caujolle is the Director, Mr. Okahara is undergoing training in Paris, where photographic artistic expression developed, with the aim of newly acquiring creative photographic expression.
There were no overseas applicants selected for study in Japan in 2008.
8. Exhibition Sponsorship
The Photographic Society of Japan sponsors photographic exhibitions that are held under the auspices of government, academic, mass media, and photography-related organizations and that contribute to the promotion of culture, education, and international exchange. In 2008, the Society sponsored the many outstanding exhibitions and events listed below.
°¶°»National Work Camp Best Shot Photography Exhibition°…. January 16th to 18th; National Olympics Memorial Youth Center Exhibition Area. January 28th to February 3rd; Minato Mirai Gallery
°¶°»Twentieth Century Masters°… Exhibition: Eyes Watching Beauty; Eyes Watching Society. February 27th to March 17th; Daimaru Museum Umeda. April 3rd to 21st; Daimaru Museum Tokyo
°¶Photo Imaging Expo 2008. March 19th to 22nd; Tokyo Big Sight
°¶°»21st A Roadside Scene: Photo Contest°…
°¶°»Secrets Unveiled: Images from the Forbidden City°… Photographic Exhibition. March 29th to May 18th; Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
°¶°»Government-Managed Park Photo Contest 2008/Tanka Poetry Contest 2008°…
°¶°»Photo City Sagamihara 2008°…. Various locations throughout Sagamihara and Shinjuku Nikon Salon
°¶°»The Earth is Our Classroom: Peace in New York through Children°«s Eyes°…. June 14th to 22nd; Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1
°¶World Press Photo 2008. June 14th to August 10th; Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. August 12th to August 21st; Herbis Hall, Osaka. October 1st to October 19th; Ritsumeikan University Biwako/Kusatsu Campus, Shiga. October 21st to November 16th; Ritsumeikan University International Peace Museum, Kyoto. November 19th to 30th; Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Oita
°¶°»Encounters: Images of 100 Years of Japanese Emigration to Brazil°…. June 22nd; 100th Anniversary of Japanese Emigration to Brazil Celebration, Rolandia City, Parana State, Brazil. Other venues in Brazil and Japan
°¶°»African Week: 16th °∆African Children°«s Day°« in Kumamoto°…. July 1st to 6th; Kumamoto Citizen°«s Exchange Center (Parea). Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art, Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Iris Kumamoto
°¶°»24th Higashikawa International Photographic Festival: Photo Fiesta 2008. July 24th to August 28th; Higashikawa, Hokkaido
°¶°»2008 Eight Views of the Minamisatsuma Ocean Road: °∆Torupa 226°« Photo Contest°…
°¶°»Onaeba°…. October 7th to 12th; CASO Contemporary Art Space Osaka
°¶°»2008 °∆Now°« Photography Exhibition°…. October 10th to 15th; Fujifilm Photo Salon Nagoya
°¶°»Interacting Japan - Shape of Things to Come - through Diplomats Eyes°…. October 20th to 29th; 3F Galleria, Marunouchi Building, Tokyo. November 21st to 27th; Central Gallery, Central Park, Nagoya. Other venues
°¶°»5th DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards°…
°¶°»24th All-Japan Sight-Impaired Photographic Exhibition°… November 17th to 22nd; Tokyo Shinjuku Monolith Building

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